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What is YFBUSA?
Youth Football USA is a full contact football league for the youth from 2nd grade to 8th grade. The areas involved are Cedar City, Canyon View, Hurricane, Pine View, Dixie Desert Hills, Virgin Valley, Moapa Valley and Snow Canyon. There will be at least one team for each grade per school. Each team will represent their high school in color and mascot.
What Grades are Involved?
We start full contact in the 2nd grade and go up to 8th grade.
My child is in 1st grade, can he/she play?
Yes. There are many parents who feel that their child is ready for full contact both mentally and physically. They are welcome to register their child at this age, however a waiver needs to be signed stating you are aware that they will be playing on a second grade level as we do not offer the program to grades below third.
Is traveling involved?
Not ever more than 45 minutes. Teams span from Cedar to Mesquite and Moapa. Each team will have to travel to at least each area once, but the games will be correlated where carpooling is an option.
What equipment is used?
In order to maintain the most secure and reliable equipment, we replace the equipment every three years.
Is your equipment safe and certified?
Yes! You can be assured that Youth Football USA uses only the BEST and SAFEST equipment around. Our equipment is always new, and always refurbished, it is never more than 3 years old. When it comes to our kids, SAFETY is our number one priority. Our equipment is NOCSAE certififed. This means that the equipment is carefully researched and tested before it goes out to the public. There is a specific stress and impact test that takes place to insure the equipment is safe to use. Each piece of equipment needs to meet the requirements of reconditioning before it is used again. As an organization, we take pride in following the reconditioning requirements to insure the safety of your children.
How do you take care of your equipment?
It is worth it to us to invest more funds into the equipment to make sure everyone is using top quality and safe equipment. Equipment that falls within the three year time frame goes through a reconditioning process and, it can be just as expensive as buying new equipment. If any equipment is damaged or unusable, we disreguard it and purchase new. Each year, we put proceeds from the league right back into the program for new and refurbished equipment.
Does the league provide insurance?
Yes! Youth football USA uses NPRA?s top insurance policy, and acts as a secondary coverage to your primary insurance. If you do not have Primary insurance, Youth Football USA?s Insurance becomes primary. Again, safety is our top concern
How much does a season of YFBUSA cost?
Depending on when you sign up. The early registration starts at $169.00. Regular season fees are $199.00.
Why are your fees higher than the ?other league??
As a league, we are dedicated to safety and quality. Every 3 years the equipment used needs to be reconditioned or thrown out. We are not willing to sacrifice your child?s safety to just to bring the cost down. In fact, most leagues around the U.S. charge around the same amount or even more. We also offer the highest insurance protection coverage on each child should an accident ever happen. Our insurance will pick up whatever costs your insurance does not. If you do not have insurance, ours will act as the primary. Also, with Youth Football USA, you get more for your money in the equipment and apparel you receive. We also have better competition and more teams to play.
What does my registration cover?
Registration covers the lease of helmet, shoulder pads, pants, pant pads and a belt. These need to be returned at the end of the season.
Do you offer fundraisers to lower fees?
Yes, fundraisers are available and vary from year to year. Please contact your District President for more information.
Is football safe for children?
Football is one of the safest sports around, especially at this particular age group. Plus, we will personally stress the importance of good fundamentals in tackling and blocking. Ninety-nine percent of the time an injury occurs from carelessness or using the wrong technique.
Why do you pattern your program after the High School teams?
Youth Football USA believe it is important to work through the high school programs in your area. Each high school football program supports Youth Football USA. This will help the youth become familiar with one another on and off the field throughout little league and up to high school. Also, it will help the youth to understand the type of system and philosophy that is driven differently by each high school football coach.
How do you specify boundaries and teams?
All areas have multiple high schools in its own respected areas. However, a boundary issue will not become a problem with Youth Football USA. Because each individual will play within their own high school boundaries no questions asked. Thus, working through the high school programs will give each youth a sense of identity. A youth won?t wonder whether he/she is a Dixie Flyer or a Pine View Panther, etc. It will be clear. We would also like to make it clear that this program is for the youth! But, that does not mean that we, as adults, cannot be involved also. We just want to make sure that our personal desires (meaning all of us as adults) will not interfere with the good of the youth. Yes, it is important to learn to win, overcome obstacles, and also learn how to lose and face adversity, but if we let these things exceed and interfere with the youth having fun and enjoying themselves, then we just destroyed our (meaning all of us) whole purpose. When Steve Young won MVP he said, ?Football is the mirror of life.? We really believe that statement.
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